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Helmut Kand

Bundespräsident Heinz Fischer, Helmut Kand

Helmut Kand - Poetical Surrealist

Born on December 13th 1946 in Bruck an der Mur, Styria / Austria. Early years in Kapfenberg. At the age of four: First willful artistic experience. He paints over a landscape-watercolour by his father. 1961: Art studio together with his friend F.X. Teubl in a shut-down brickworks. High school diploma 1966. Pilgrimage to Salvadore Dali to Port Lligat, Spain. Studies at the Academie of Fine Arts in Vienna. 40 summers on the Greek island of Ios. Acquisitions in many private and public collections in Paris, Ethniki Pinakothiki Athens, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Albertina Vienna, Joanneum Graz, Museo Recoleta Buenos Aires, museum Neka Bali, Museu dÀqua Lisbon, Museum Synthese Munich, Espace Culturel François Mitterand Périgueux.


Since 1969:
Numerous exhibitions in galleries, museums, public collections and art spaces in Europe, Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Argentina and Indonesia made the artist early on internationally well-known. Participation at art fairs in Basle, Dusseldorf, Tokyo, Salzbourg, Reggio and Coliseum New York. When Muscat was the cultural capital of the Arab world in 2006, Sultan Qabus of Oman invited one artist from fourty different countries – and from Austria it was Helmut Kand. Various art prizes and titles: „Painting Ambassador of Ios“, „Foreign Born Indonesian Artist“.

2006: The President of the Republic Heinz Fischer awards Helmut Kand the honorary title „Professor“

2007: „THREE STAGES OF INDIFFERENCE“, Ersi Gallery Athens
2007: „JARDIN NOSTALGIQUE“, Galerie Popy Arvany, Paris
2007: „AFTER THE WARM LEMON RAIN“, Koflach, Art Center, Styria
2009: „MY HEAD IS BRIMMING WITH SUMMER COLOURS“, Planet Vivid Gallery, Frankfort
2009: „POCKETS OF EMBERS AND VEINS OF GOLD“, Hundertwasser Energy Works, Vienna
2010: „IN DREAMS I DRINK YOUR SOUL“, Arthouse Rust
2011: „KANDIBALI – ROAD TO EAST“ , Three exhibitions in Bali and Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2012: „THE RAIN IS A SINGING DRUMMER“, Warisan Art Space Bali
2012: „ALDEBARAN – SOMNAMBUL PARK“, Castle Gabelhofen, Styria
2013: „IN / OUT“, Espace Culturel Mitterand, Périgueux, France
2013: „SECURE IN A LABYRINTH OF DREAMS“, Art Center Kapfenberg


1967: „Cyclops in paradise garden“, Ios, Greece
1972: „Tyrol dreams of Asia – exhibition in a tree, Innsbruck
1983: „Stations of the cross“ - Neukirchen, Upper Austria
1986: „The Kand-Wall“ - Berggasse, Vienna
1988: „Circus tree mobile“ - Municipal Park, Vienna
1990: „Fluttery rehearsal“ - Timmins- Museum, Ontario, Canada
1992: „The tattooed house“ - Kapfenberg, Stryia, Austria
1993: „Wind chimes“ - Ios, Greece
1993: „Waterlily House“ - Leoben, Styria, Austria
1994: „Cheering-gesture-fence“ - Bucklige Welt, Lower Austria
1995: „The Korneuburg-frieze“, „Stage curtain“ - Langenzersdorf, Lower Austria
1996: „Parade of personalities“ - 44 sculptures, St. Pölten, Lower Austria
1997: „The Atlantis-tone house“ - mural, Vienna
1998: „Mirage- warplane“ - painted war plane, France
2000: „Park Plaza Cafe“- Kuala Lumpur
2000: „The silhouette society and their colour joy“- the Factory, Vienna
2001: „The Lama house“ - Wechsel, Austria
2001: „Signals and abracadabra“ - German School, Rome, Italy
2002: „Cherry blossom-Barbara“- Hotel Boehlerstern, Kapfenberg, Austria
2003: „Neon heads“- Vienna
2004: „Suspected, desired, experienced“ - Gerasdorfer Wall, Lower Austria“
2005: „Fence gaps“ - stainless steel sculptures, Boehler, Kapfenberg, Austria
2006: „Baisers“ - Jardin Shasmoukine, Dordogne, France
2006: „Catch the wind“ - Wr. Neustadt, Lower Austria / Washington, U.S.A. 2007: „Fragrance of the traveling light“ - Art house, Bruck an der Mur, Austria
2007: „Saint Christophoros“ - stainless steel sculpture, for a garage, Vienna
2008: „The tattooed house“ - renovation, Kapfenberg, Styria, Austria
2008: „Airport for birds“ - sculptures and flags, Embassy Park, Vienna
2009: „Strange paravents“ - Kali Mera Kriti, Creta, Greece
2010: „Annual rings of luck and fragrance“ - Stamp for the Austrian Post Office
2010: „Big Sunday match“ - stainless steel sculptures, Germany/China
2011: „Love needs all night to breathe“ - mural, Vienna
2012: „Seismographic reports from inner paradises“ - Vienna
2012: „My head is brimming with summer colours“ - stainless steel sculptures, Castel Gabelhofen
2013: „Saint Donatus“ - altarpiece, chapel, Castel Oberkapfenberg, Austria
2013: „Resting place for tired suns“ - glass triptyc, kiosk, Kapfenberg, Austria
2013: „The sun catcher“- stainless steel sculpture, Bruck an der Mur, Austria
2014: „Shifter“ - park of sculptures, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
2014: „Kiosk“, 18 painted windows, Kapfenberg, Austria

2014: Glasfensterkiosk, Kapfenberg 

PUBLICATIONS / Catalogues, books, calendars, TV
„These paintings are the hottest thing in art“ - Ewan Philips, London 1969
„I labirinti“ - Hermes, Rom 1970
„Snow burns“ film and catalouge, Ben Wargin, Berlin 1971
"Surréalisme poétique" - Athen 1975
„Poetic Surrealism“ - Vienna, 1976
„The golden catalogue“ - Cicero publisher, Stuttgart 1977
"Art News“ - New York 1978
„The big Wang calendar“ - Massachusetts, Wien 1982
„The day-dream book“ - Caesar publisher, Stuttgart 1981
„okay / guests of Helmut Kand“ - ORF at the Kand studio Vienna
„ donate eye“ - ORF Ios 1985
„The stations of the cross“ - Caesar publisher, Stuttgart 1988
„The white catalogue“ - Edition Windknospe Vienna 1988
„The air has eyes“ - ZDF Hamburg 1988
„Hot dates“ - Zurich, 1991
„Seibu Takanawa“ - Tokyo, 1991
„Kiss the wind“ - Edition Windknospe, Vienna 1992
„Tokyo Art Expo“ - Tokyo, 1992
„The Peak“ - Singapore 1993
„Drawn shades“ - CD Yuki Morimoto
„Culture of untold dreams“ - Edition Windknospe, Vienna 1994
„Rasp“ - Kapfenberg, Styria, Austria, 1994
„Advanced dreamer of an alternative reality", Jakarta 1995
„My island needs the whole sky“ - Edition Windknospe, Vienna 1995
"The magic place as a theme" - Atlanta 1996
“Sky Lines” - Austrian Airlines, Vienna 1998
„Jetsam for my curiosity shop“ - Vienna, Athen, Buenos Aires 1999
“Love flight and und quails happiness“ - calander, Vienna, 1999
"Pintura - Surrealismo poètico" - Museu da Àgua, Lissabon 2002
„Pictures from my sleeping paradises“ Vienna, Kerzenkraft 2003
"Surrealistic Colours" - Vision, Shanghai 2003
„Böhler Calendar“ - Kapfenberg, Styria, Austria, 2002 and 2003
„Head brimming with summer colours“ - Freecard Editionen
„Delicious colourfulness“ - Vienna, 2004
"The Ports of Hellenism“ – Athen 2005
“With dream accelerators running out of time” - Vienna, Bruck an der Mur, Austria, 2006/07
“1000 wishes left behind” - Vienna, 2010
“Wipol Academy – progress report” Vienna, 2010
“Publicity campaign” - bfi, Vienna, 2009 and 2010
„Road to East“, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2011
“In / Out” Surréalisme poétique, Périgueux, France 2013
“Cosiness in the labyrinth of dreams” - Vienna, Kapfenberg, Austria, 2013
“What counts lies above the sea of fog” - water colours and colored drawings, Vienna 2014


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